2012 League Final

Created: Tuesday, 27 March 2012 Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 August 2014 Written by James Byrne

Roartys 5-2 Cope House

Roartys won the 2012 league title for the first time following a 5-4 victory over holders The Cope House in the Glenhead on the last Saturday of March. They were 2-1 up after the doubles John Con/Michael Byrne beat Philip/John D Gallagher 2-1 but it was the Cope lads who should have won this one missed doubles proved costly. Kieran Carr/Anthony Gallagher beat Stephen Muirhead/Declan Cunningham also 2-1 Stephen had a 102 check out in the first leg while Kieran won the match with a 123 finish and in the final doubles Rodney McBrearty/Irwin Muirhead beat JP Byrne/Kevin Squires also 2-1, JP had a 108 finish in the first leg.

Kieran Carr put Roartys 3-1 up with a 3-1 victory over Irwin Muirhead he won the first two legs with double 8 and double 5 finishes, Irwin finished double 6 in the third leg then Kieran finished double 8 to finish the match. Philip Gallagher got the second point of the night for the Killybegs lads with a 3-2 win over Kevin Squires he went 2-0 up with double 10 and 4 finishes, Kevin took the next two legs with double 8 and 31 finishes while Philip won the deciding leg with a double 16 finish. John Damien Gallagher tied the game up with a 3-2 win over Michael Byrne, JD won the first leg with a double 16, Michael made it 1-1 with a double 18, a 40 finish put JD 2-1 up before Michael with a 16 dart leg tied things up with a 43 check out, in the deciding leg JD finished 5 (1 double 2) to win the sixth match of the night. John McGinley defeated Rodney McBrearty 3-2 in the next match Rodney won the first with a 56 finish (15 double 20) John won the next two legs with 56 and 40 finishes, Rodney squared things up with a 82 finish but it was John who put Roartys 4-3 up with his second double 3 finish of the night. Declan Cunningham took the match to a decider with a good display of darts to defeat Anthony Gallagher 3-1 Antony won the first leg with a 25 finish while double 10, 10 and 64 finishes the first of those was a 17 dart leg. James P Byrne was the man who clinched the title for the Cashel lads with a 3-0 win over Spot with double 2, 25 and double 10 finishes he just missed a 109 checkout to win the match and make it a clean sweep for Roartys.

Thanks to Andrew and Damien who marked and checked the games, to all the bars and players who took part in the league without you there would be no league and to anyone who helped in anyway during the season.


2012 League Champions Roartys

2012 League Runners up Cope House

Player of the Year: Mike Naulty (Big Francies) 11 wins out of 12 playing first every night

Most 180s: Andrew Gillespie (O’Donnell’s) with eight 180s in the league

Least Darts: Mike Naulty 14 (three times) and James McGinley 14 (Glenhead)

Highest checkout: John Damien Gallagher (Cope House) 161

League Semis: O'Donnell's and Big Francies

2012 Player of the Year Mike Naulty

Highest Checkout John Damien Gallagher 161

Most 180s Andrew Gillespie

Least Darts leg James McGinley


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