2008/09 Season

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2009 Stats

League Champions: McIntires

Runners Up: Biddy's

Shield Winners: McIntires

Runners Up: Biddy's

Cup Winners: Biddy's

Runner Up: McIntires

B Cup Winners: Bridge Bar

Runners Up: Glenhead

Player of the Year: Mike Naulty (McIntires)

Highest Check out: Richie Cunningham (McIntires)

Least number of darts leg: Mike Naulty (McIntires)

Most 180’s: Mike Naulty (McIntires)

High Checkouts

Richie Cunningham (McIntires) 130 (v Bridge Bar 08.11.08)

Irwin Muirhead (Cope House) 123

John Gallagher (O’Donnell’s) 123

Raymond Hegarty (Bridge Bar) 120, 102

Michael Byrne (Biddy’s) 115

Andrew Gillespie (O’Donnell’s) 114

David Gallagher (Cope House) 109

(Note John McGinley had 170 and 145 finishes in the Cup Final)

180’s League Games Only

Mike Naulty (McIntires) 6

John Gallagher (O’Donnell’s) 4

Declan Cunningham (McIntires) 3

Raymond Hegarty (Bridge Bar) 3

John McGinley (Biddy’s) 2

Anthony Gallagher (Roartys) 2

Dermot McGuire (Biddy’s) 2

Emmett Quigley (McIntires) 2

James Byrne (Bridge Bar) 1

Patrick McNelis (Roartys) 1

David Gillespie (The Rusty) 1

David Enright (The Rusty) 1

Michael Byrne (Biddy’s) 1

Josie Gillespie (O’Donnell’s) 1

Hugh Doherty (Bridge Bar) 1

Hugh Doherty Jnr (Bridge Bar) 1

James McGinley (Glenhead) 1

Gabriel Boyle (Glenhead) 1

Niall Cunningham (McIntires) 1

Alan McBrearty (Cope house) 1

Philip Gallagher (Cope House) 1

Frank McBrearty (The Rusty) 1

Brendan White (McIntires) 1

Adrian Hamilton (Bridge Bar) 1

John D Gallagher (Cope House) 1

Richie Cunningham (McIntires) 1

These 180’s were taken from the team sheets collected from the teams;

if your 180 is missing then it wasn’t on the sheet.

Least Dart legs

Mike Naulty (McIntires) 11 (v the Rusty 03.01.09)

Irwin Muirhead (Cope House) 15

Raymond Hegarty (Bridge Bar) 15

Richie Cunningham (McIntires) 15

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