2023 Pat Rawdon Cup

Published: Monday, 24 April 2023 Written by James Byrne

2023 Pat Rawdon Champion with Amy Rawdon

The 2023 Pat Rawdon tournament was held in The Bayview Hotel, Killybegs on Saturday 16th where 42 players battled it out for the cup and shield titles and the €1,500 prize fund with some great matches and performances over the day especially from the young players who entered the event.

With both cup and shield holders unable to attend it was a chance for others to get their names on the cup/shield for the first time and it turned out that way. The cup final involved Ciaran McGeady and Alan Byrne both in their first final and it was McGeady who came out on top 6-1 continuing the fine form that got him to the final while Alan had some notable wins on his way to the final, losing semi-finalists were Alan Hegarty and last year’s runner up Dermot McGuire.

The shield competition (for preliminary round losers) final involved two of the inform players in the county Cartha Boyle (defeated 4-3 by Ciaran McGeady in the preliminary round) and Stephen Harron (defeated by Dermot McGuire 4-2 in the preliminary round) and they managed to avoid each other in the draws to get there. In a brilliant match Cartha came out on top 4-3 with a 130 checkout finishing on the bull to win a trilling match.

Thanks to all the players who entered, all who marked matches and helped make the tournament run smoothly, to Michael Curran for his help, to the management and staff of The Bayview Hotel thanks for your support and hospitality, to our board sponsors GCM Painting, Carrick Meats, Marren Oil Services, Kilcar House, Mooney Boats, Reggie’s Sales and Services, Rory’s Auto Spares, Bayview Hotel, SRM Car Sales, Heineken Ireland and to anyone who helped in any way your support is much apricated.

Cup Final

Ciaran McGeady 6 Alan Byrne 1

Semi finals

Ciaran McGeady 5 Alan Hegarty 0

Alan Byrne 5 Dermot McGuire 1

Quarter Finals

Ciaran McGeady 4 Owen Carr 0

Alan Byrne 4 Andrew Gillespie 1

Alan Hegarty 4 Des McGettigan 3

Dermot McGuire 4 Tommy Reidy 2

Second Round

Ciaran McGeady 4 Dean Gallagher 2

Owen Carr 4 Darragh Gallagher 2

Alan Byrne 4 Kenneth Kennedy 1

Andrew Gillespie 4 Tiffer Molloy 0

Alan Hegarty 4 John McHugh 0

Des McGettigan 4 Derek Gallagher 2

Dermot McGuire 4 John Con McGinley 0

Tommy Reidy 4 Jackson Timoney 3

First Round

Owen Carr 4 Irwin Muirhead 1

Dermot McGuire 4 Michael Curran 2

Ciaran McGeady 4 Barry McBride 0

John McHugh 4 Shaun Gallagher 2

Des McGettigan 4 Martin Crerand 0


Pat Rawdon Shield winner Cartha Boyle with Amy Rawdon

Shield Final

Cartha Boyle 4 Stephen Harron 3 (130 c/o Cartha)

Semi finals

Cartha Boyle 4 James Byrne 1

Stephen Harron 4 Stephen Muirhead 0

Quarter Finals

Cartha Boyle 3 David Gallagher 0

James Byrne 3 JP Byrne 1

Stephen Harron 3 Conor McKiverigan 2

Stephen Muirhead 3 Wilfie Milsop 1

Second Round

Cartha Boyle 3 Danny McDaid 0

David Gallagher 3 Jack Porter 1

James Byrne 3 Shea Deasley 0

JP Byrne 3 Cormac Cunningham 0

Stephen Harron 3 Kevin McDaid 0

Conor McKiverigan 3 Shane Porter 1

Stephen Muirhead 3 Joe Gallagher 1

Wilfie Milsop 3 David Fuller 1

First Round

Conor McKiverigan 3 Jack Porter 0

Shane Porter 3 Darragh Rawdon 0

David Fuller 3 Conal Doherty 1

David Gallagher 3 Marty Boyle 0

Kevin McDaid 3 John Holden 1

Preliminary Round

Dean Gallagher 4 John Holden 0

Alan Hegarty 4 Liam Donegan 0

Tommy Reidy 4 JP Byrne 1

John Con McGinley 4 Stephen Muirhead 0

Andrew Gillespie 4 David Gallagher 0

Tiffer Molloy 4 Conal Doherty 0

Kenneth Kennedy 4 David Fuller 1

Darragh Gallagher 4 Marty Boyle 1

Derek Gallagher 4 Shane Porter 3

Jackson Timoney 4 Cormac Cunningham 1

Barry McBride 4 Shea Deasley 1

Michael Curran 4 Wilfie Milsop 1

John McHugh 4 Kevin McDaid 1

Des McGettigan 4 Jack Porter 1

Martin Crerand 4 Joe Gallagher 1

Owen Carr 4 Danny McDaid 1

Dermot McGuire 4 Stephen Harron 2

Alan Byrne 4 James Byrne 2

Irwin Muirhead 4 Darren Rawdon 0

Ciaran McGeady 4 Cartha Boyle 3

Shaun Gallagher 4 Conor McKiverigan 0


Pat Rawdon runner up Alan Byrne

Pat Rawdon semi finalists Alan Hegarty and Dermot McGuire

Pat Rawdon quarter finalists Des McGettigan and Owen Carr


Pat Rawdon shield runner up Stephen Harron

Pat Rawdon shield semi finalists James Byrne and Stephen Muirhead

The 2023 Pat Rawdon Cup and Shield take place in The Bayview Hotel (Upstairs) on Saturday 15th April first games at 4pm.