2013 Grand Prix

Anthony Gallagher is 2013 South West Grand Prix Champion

By Mike Naulty


It was a very good day of darts for the 2nd annual Southwest Grand Prix held in Kilcar House on the 12th October, we had a poor turnout with only 18 entries, but the 18 came to play......there were some very good starts and a few 180s and high finishes, Dermot Maguire had 2 160 starts on the day and also one from Michael Naulty Jr, Anto Gallagher had a 156 just to name a few, many over 100 starts....Best finish on the day went to Barry Carr who nearly upset Dermot Maguire, best leg of darts went to Michael Naulty Jr with a 12 darter 160, 140, 140, S2, S19, D20 great leg of darts....there was over 10 180s on the day as well.....

Prelim matches were:
Raymond Hegarty beat Adrian Byrne 4-1
John Meencha beat Kenneth Byrne 4-1

First Round:
Barry Carr beat David Kennedy 4-1
Kieran Carr beat Raymond Hegarty 4-2
Mike Naulty Sr beat J.P. Byrne 4-0
Kieran Gallagher beat Ken Kennedy 4-1
Anthony Gallagher beat John Con 4-3
Dermot Maguire beat James Byrne 4-1
Michael Naulty Jr. beat Gabriel Byrne 4-1
John Meencha beat Roger McShane 4-2

Last 8 
Dermot Maguire beat Barry Carr 4-3
Anthony Gallagher beat Kieran Gallagher 4-2
Michael Naulty Jr. beat Kieran Carr 4-0
Mike Naulty Sr. beat John Meencha 4-0

Semi Finals
Michael Naulty Jr. beat Dermot Maguire 5-1
Anthony Gallagher beat Mike Naulty Sr. 5-1


Anthony Gallagher beat Michael Naulty Jr. 7-2

A big thank you to Kilcar House for having the competition on the day.....


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