2009 Benny Gillespie

Created: Tuesday, 16 August 2011 Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 August 2014 Written by James Byrne

Glenhead’s Dermot McGuire won the Benny Gillespie Cup for the first time becoming the fourth different winner of the Tournament on Sunday 15th November last by defeating Phillip Gallagher from Killybegs 6-3 in the final.

Dermot beat holder Mike Naulty 5-2 in the semi while Philip came from 4-1 down to beat 2005 winner John McGinley in the other semi, overall it was an entertaining evening of darts with some great matches.


Thanks to all that entered and helped out on the day.

 James Byrne PRO SWDDL presenting the cup to Dermot McGuire



Dermot McGuire 6 Philip Gallagher 3

Semi Finals

Dermot McGuire 5 Mike Naulty 2

Philip Gallagher 5 John McGinley 4

Quarter Finals

Philip Gallagher 4 Hugh Doherty 2

Dermot McGuire 4 Raymond Hegarty 2

Mike Naulty 4 Andrew O’Gara 0

John McGinley 4 Irwin Muirhead 1

Second Round

Philip Gallagher (Cope) 3 Paul Boyle (Glenhead) 0

Hugh Doherty (Bridge Bar) 3 Kieran Carr (Roartys) 2

Dermot McGuire (Glenhead) 3 Kenneth Byrne 0

Raymond Hegarty (Bridge Bar) 3 James McGinley (Glenhead) 1

Mike Naulty (McIntires) 3 Kevin Squires (Bridge Bar) 1

Andrew O’Gara 3 Barry Carr (Glenhead) 2

John McGinley (Roartys) 3 Michael Byrne (The Rusty) 0

Irwin Muirhead (Cope) 3 James Byrne (Bridge Bar) 2

First Round

Philip Gallagher (Cope) 3 Damien Carr  (Glenhead) 0

Hugh Doherty (Bridge Bar) 3 Michael McGuire (The Rusty) 0

Kenneth Byrne 3 Joe McGowan (McIntires) 2

Raymond Hegarty (Bridge Bar) 3 Hugh Doherty Jnr (Bridge Bar) 0

James McGinley (Glenhead) 3 Noel McDevitt (Glenhead) 0

Mike Naulty (McIntires) 3 Roger McShane 1

Kevin Squires (Bridge Bar) 3 Colin McNelis (Glenhead) 1

Andrew O’Gara 3 Stephen Muirhead (Cope) 2

Michael Byrne (The Rusty) 3 Aidan Gillespie 0

Irwin Muirhead (Cope) 3 Joe Mockler (Roartys) 0

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