2017 Benny Gillespie

Created: Wednesday, 08 February 2017

Congratulations to Andrew Gillespie on winning the 2017 Benny Gillespie Darts Tournament beating his team mate John Meencha in the Final. A very high standard of darts on display all day topped off by these two meeting in the Final. A great display all day from the youth of the area insuring that darts will be going strong for years to come. Both Aidan Mc Ginley and Ryan Mc Brearty making it to the quarter finals on the night. In a play off match between the two Aidan came out on top to claim "Best youth" on the day. Prize of highest finish on the day went to John Con with a magnificent 167 finish. A lot of the results don't give a fair reflection on how close some of the games were, the standard was really high and some just didn't get a second chance at a double. On another day results could be different. A huge thank you to all 36 who entered and all who assisted with the running of the tournament in any way.

Prelim round.
Ronan Gillespie 3 Noel Mc Devitt 2
Francis Mc Brearty 0 Aidan Gillespie 3
Eric Carr 0 Ryan Mc Brearty 3
Eoin Carr 2 John Mc Hugh 3

Round One
Michael Curran 3 Chris Mc Evoy 0
Gerry Mc Nern 1 Joe Mockler 3
Colin Doherty 3 Paidi Cunningham 0
Kieran Gallagher 2 James Byrne 3
Liam Donegan 3 Damien Carr 0
James Bracken 3 Edward Cunnea 1
Arron Byrne 1 Aidan Gillespie 3
Ronan Gillespie 2 Gabrial Boyle 3
Jamie Mc Nern 3 Dylan Curran 1
John Byrne 0 John Meencha 3
Ryan Mc Brearty 3 Pheilim Mc Gill 0
Dermot Mc Guire 3 John Mc Hugh 1
Ruari Mc Ginley 0 Seanie Boyle 3
David Fuller 0 Andrew Gillespie 3
Conor Mc Nelis 0 Aidan Mc Ginley 3
John Con 3 Kieran Carr 1

Round Two
James Bracken 1 Andrew Gillespie 3
Dermot Mc Guire 3 Liam Donegan 0
John Meencha 3 Aidan Gillespie 0
James Byrne 0 John Con 3
Joe Mockler 2 Aidan Mc Ginley 3
Ryan Mc Brearty 3 Seanie Boyle 0
Michael Curran 3 Colin Doherty 1
Jamie Mc Nern 3 Gabrial Boyle 0

Quarter Finals

John Meencha 4 Dermot Mc Guire 1
John Con 4 Jamie Mc Nern 2
Andrew Gillespie 4 Ryan Mc Brearty 0
Aidan Mc Ginley 1 Michael Curran 4

Semi Finals

Michael Curran 1 Andrew Gillespie 4
John Meencha 4 John Con 1

John Meencha 2 Andrew Gillespie 5



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